Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome back! thats what I head my yurt telling me when I arrived yesterday, its been a few weeks since I was out, I spent some time at home & in Montreal over the new years though always nice to get back home!

This weekend was nice, it was a decent temperature, I am still frustrated about my floor but its a valuable lesson, and for the time being with the cold weather, it should be dry until at least march.

the road in was dicey, there was quite a bit of snow but someone had gone back not to long ago so there was a trail to follow, would not have tried this without 4x4....

Dawna brought her friend Queen out for the weekend as well, she was quite impressed, played some beautiful music, and we all just enjoyed in the beauty of the nature around us, the heat through the roof melted the snow to create amazing icicles, certainly added to the element, hoping to spend more time out there soon, though I broke my hand over the new years and am still recovering from that!


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