Monday, January 30, 2012

The end of Jan

Spent the Day at the Yurt Farm, its been nice... Dreaming again!! Spring will be fast approaching and its time for some brainstorming with my dearest brother Tyler, we are stoked for the spring, I have been looking for property to buy but with little luck (I am too picky) so if nothing come up by the time the snow is gone I will be at Yurt farm for another year..

We have our heirloom seeds ready, we have half the planters built (recycles boxes from Tylers work) and infinite top soil thanks to the neighbors behind us!! ALSO discovered we have a fresh water brook running though the property to which we will make excellent use of!!

our mission of the day was hunting for a beautiful white pine that called to us, I found one which I climbed 20 meters up into to harvest some needles for a fine tea!

there is no where I would rather be, than in a tree.

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