Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rainy October

After a week of beautiful fall weather, we were gifted with a week of gloomy wet weather, which was alright by me because I wanted to test how the seal in my roof turned out. Turns out it doesn't leak as much as my floor does..... turns out since I left my walls bunched up at the bottom the water was collecting on them and pooling underneath, Dawna & I cleaned it up while trying to put a temporary fix on the problem until my insulation arrives later this week and I can properly cut the w alls and fasten them to the floor, hopefully it works.

Kijiji is one of the best tools for anyone starting/working/or planning any project, I have had so much luck with using this site its unbelievable, including the land I am leasing for this yurt project!! Last week while browsing I found something amazing....

1920's Singer Sewing machine!!

The pedal, the wheels and the machine seem to work great, I am going to clean it out a little then test it out as soon as I can! I have no doubts that it works like a charm!

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