Monday, October 17, 2011


Despite the rain it was a beautiful sunday evning, I spent most of the weekend volunteering (as per usual) but got to spend Sunday afternoon & evening out at the Yurt!!

The priority of the night was getting the cook stove up and running, and I do say it was successful! I had to cut a few fire bricks to fit he stove, and remove a cast iron plate from the front (where you would insert the wood) not sure what the previous owners of the stove did, but I am sure it was a pain in the arse!!

once I got the new fire bricks in, I installed the stove pipe, and cleaned up the area, and oh boy did that baby burn! once going it was great, warmed the yurt up real nice and cooked our dinner perfectly, the oven works like a charm!

We were also blessed with a beautiful double rainbow!!!

My insulation is arriveing this week, I will be installing that ASAP!

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